Schlaubetal Nature Park

Schlaubetal Nature Park is a small paradise for hikers south-east of Berlin. It is characterised by forests in the North, intersected by the Schlaube, Dorche, Oelse and Demnitz river valleys. The Schlaube Valley in particular, often praised as the most beautiful river valley in East Brandenburg, has been a popular hiking area in all seasons with a well-developed network of trails. The slopes of the Schlaube Valley are covered by deciduous forest. The close proximity of low-nutrient sandy soil, chalky marl and wet moorland helped to create a colourful mosaic featuring an abundance of plant and animal species.

The region’s history is closely connected with the Cistercian monastery of Neuzelle. Today, the monastery is a cultural monument of national significance. Many old mill sites in the Schlaube, Oelse and Dorche river valleys are reminders of the fact that water power was one of the most important energy sources in the Middle Ages. Some of the mills no longer exist; others now are popular pubs catering to day-trippers. The Reicherskreuzer Heide heathland lies at the centre of the nature park. This area remains largely untouched by tourism due to its previous use as a military training area. A circular walk and viewing platform as well as the Glacial Erratics Park near Henzendorf invite visitors to explore this part of the nature park.